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Get Paving Maintenance Tips and More from Premium Paving Inc.

Premium Paving Inc. is often asked for maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of our paving work in Oshawa and surrounding areas. Please take a few moments to browse our maintenance tips or feel free to contact us should you still have any questions or concerns about preserving your pavement. Keep in mind asphalt requires about one year, and go through a change in season, to fully cure.


Top 8 Don’ts for Longer-Lasting Results of Your New Pavement

  1. Don't place sharp-pointed objects on a blacktop driveway. These will cause holes and indentations.
  2. Don't turn the wheel of your car sharply while the car is standing still, as this will scuff the surface and may "ravel" (loose aggregate) areas in your driveway. Start the car and, while it is moving, gradually turn the wheels as the car is in motion. These power steering scuffs do not indicate a material defect and, in many cases, they all but "heal themselves" in time.
  3. Don't park the car in the same spot each time during the first year. Change its position each time that you park in order to prevent displacement.
  4. Don't allow large, heavy vehicles in your driveway. Chances are the base has not been designed for it, and you will get failure from shearing. This effect is due to a lack of support, unless the site is designed for commercial vehicles. The typical design for commercial traffic is two layers.
  5. Don't allow weeds to crowd edges. At the peak of their growth during the summer, weeds have been known to lift the edges or to grow right through the blacktop.
  6. Don't drive or park near the edges of your driveway unless it’s confined inside a concrete or stone curb from which it can be supported. At the minimum, we recommend that you back fill the edges with topsoil, so as to prevent edge cracking and give the driveway a more "finished" appearance.
  7. Don't expect a puddle-free surface unless you particularly request a greater than normal slope to your driveway or if it’s on a hill. Most driveways are too small for the use of sophisticated paving machines that are used on road projects. A great deal of the paving is done by hand spreading, and considering the various ingredients in blacktop, a perfectly smooth and uniform surface cannot be achieved. There might also be some minor settling depending on the type of sub-grade.
  8. Don't be alarmed by the roller creases left by compacting equipment. Most contractors can iron out the majority of these, but the creases are a sign that the pavement was rolled when it was still hot enough for better density and compacting. They almost always disappear in time.

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