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Have Questions about Residential and Commercial Paving?

Premium Paving Inc. strives to educate our customers in the Durham Region. On this page, you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about residential and commercial paving. Should you not find the answer to your specific question listed here, please feel free to contact us directly via phone or email.

Q. What is the process involved in paving my driveway or parking lot?

A. First, we’ll visit your site and offer you a written proposal indicating an estimated timeframe for the work. Second, if there’s an existing driveway, it will be removed to inspect the conditions of the base. Following that, gravel will be placed to provide an adequate grade, which will then be compacted using rollers. The compacted stone or gravel will be left alone for approximately four weeks, after which we will return to place the asphalt.

The asphalt is spread using an industrial spreader, thus ensuring proper thickness, and is compacted using static rollers to provide a high-quality finish. In the case of parking lots that require line striping, the striping of parking lines will be done after the asphalt has set. We recommend letting the asphalt and striping cool and set for at least three days before parking your vehicles.


Q. What kind of guarantee do you provide?

A. At Premium Paving Inc., we offer a written guarantee against “cracking” for one year.


Q. Do you provide a detailed written proposal?

A. Yes, our consultant will provide you with a detailed written proposal, which includes the price and an estimated timeframe for your paving project.

Q. Will there be a project manager on-site?

A. Yes, the project manager will be present throughout your project to supervise that quality standards are being met and to answer any inquiries that you may have throughout the process.


Q. I just got my driveway paved. When can I drive on it?

A. It is recommended to wait at least three days before allowing automobile traffic on it. If the temperature is hot, you should wait even longer.


Q. I just had a parking lot paved and striped. How often should I re-stripe the lines?

A. With normal parking lot use, line re-striping is recommended once every two to three years.


Q. How can I increase the life of my newly paved driveway?

A. Please refer to our Maintenance Tips section for more information regarding this topic.


Q. The parking lot of our development is showing age. How do we determine when it’s ready for repair?

A. You’ll begin to see cracks and areas “alligatoring” when it’s time for a repair. If neglected, these areas will usually become potholes.


Q. How thick is asphalt?

A. Asphalt is generally about 2” thick once it's compressed, for residences. However, it can be as thick as 4”, depending upon the weight of expected vehicles and truck traffic, for commercial applications.


Q. What are the advantages of asphalt over concrete?

A. Asphalt is usually more cost-effective. It’s also less expensive to repair, and it doesn’t need to be removed. It can easily be resurfaced (commercial properties only).


Q. If I give you my project to be paved, how do I know you will show up when scheduled?

A. There are a lot of variables in the paving business that can change our schedule, including equipment and plant breakdowns, heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions and cars being moved. However, scheduling is very important to Premium Paving; we will show up when scheduled. Should problems arise in the field that may delay our schedule in any way, rest assured you’ll be notified in advance.


Q. What if your job requires more than just paving, such as the completion of preliminary site work or the removal of severely damaged paving before new paving can be placed?

A. That’s no problem at Premium Paving. We can take care of grading, placement of gravel stone sub-base and any and every other aspect of the paving process.


Q. What if our project is very small – or very large?

A. At Premium Paving, we’re fully equipped to handle your paving project, no matter its size. Our crews complete projects ranging from small residential driveways to medium-sized commercial or church parking lots to large parking lots and industrial sites. Regardless of the size of your job, from a small parking area to an expansive commercial lot, you can be assured that you’ll receive quality pavement from Premium Paving. Call us for more information or to request an estimate for your next project.


Q. Where can I find information regarding street parking permits while my driveway work is being completed?

A. If you plan to have your driveway paved or resurfaced and you must park on the street overnight, contact the corresponding office for your municipality (see contact info sheet) prior to the work taking place and provide your name, phone number, street address and list of vehicles involved. You will be allowed to leave your vehicle on the street for 24 hours only, provided:

  • The vehicle is placed adjacent to the end of the driveway.
  • The end of the driveway is cordoned off with rope, tape or in some manner to show that the driveway is not in use.
  • A note is left on the windshield or dashboard with the date and street address of the driveway.
  • The vehicle is not parked in contravention of another provision of the Traffic By-law.
  • The vehicle is parked in a legal location.
  • The vehicle has valid plates.
  • If your vehicle must be parked on the street for more than 24 hours, you must obtain a Municipal On-Street Parking Permit.
  • If you have received a ticket as a result of parking on the street while your driveway was paved or resurfaced, you will need to provide the Municipal By-law Enforcement Division with a copy of a receipt from the paving company which shows that the driveway work was done within 24 hours of the date of the ticket.

You can also find more information regarding street parking permits from the following websites:

City of Oshawa
Town of Whitby
Municipality of Clarington

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